Moving on

Just a quick shout-out as I keep getting emails from people – project hamster has now new maintainers and I fully stepped away from development a good while ago.

I wish all the best to the new maintainers, you can follow their progress here:

This blog is officially defunct – for any enquiries please consult


Announcing APX – an open source variant of a lovely arcade



For the last few months among other things i’ve been fiddling with a port of a lovely game from 1980ies called QIX.

It is implemented in hamster graphics and was a fun venture in basic game development.

Download here!

APX github repository


Shout out to bostonians – hamster on wheels

I’m in Cambridge till Apr 3rd (8 days), so shout ( if you’d fancy a beer and/or a chat’n’hack on hamster and hamster graphics!

Next stop – pycon in Montreal and then Edinburgh.

Looking for usage patterns!

Update: thanks for all the submissions they were most helpful!

Hello peepses, i want your hamster database!

I promise not to share it with anyone, including your employer, NSA, and the underwater yetis.

If you would be willing to help out, then please simply grab the hamster.db file in ~/.local/share/hamster-applet/ and send it to me at

This is part of my long term aim of giving you usable insights based on your tracking habits, and by providing your data, you will be helping me to create interface that works also for you.

Hamster autocomplete revamp

Autocomplete will now look at last 30 days and do a bit of recency / frequency ranking, to also include tags. The assumption is that you keep doing the same things with same tags.

Would be interested in hearing how it works for you.

To try the autocomplete, run it in experiments: (python

Or try out in master

Hamster coming to Gnome3



Hamsterians – meet the new overview

Screenshot from 2014-02-02 17:58:52


While work in progress, the base parity has been met and the code is now in the master branch and good for running. This view will replace overview and the “standalone” window, and will work best with the shell extension.

Translators don’t panic – will be fixing labels soonish!

Love it? Hate it? – Try it out and leave a comment!

Hamster is looking for a new maintainer

Update: toupeira has taken over maintainership for a while now and seems to be doing quite alright with getting all the ducks in the row!

I keep going back and forth on this, but the truth is i don’t have time for hamster anymore.

So i’m looking for a new maintainer.

First of all – don’t panic – the project is not going to die – as i’m using hamster on daily basis myself (and it does everything i need), i will keep making sure it works at least on Fedora (my distro of choice), but i need someone taking care of pull requests and making sure hamster stays on focus and doesn’t gain weight via preferences (i’ve seen oh so many requests for that lately and majority fall far outside the 80/20 rule; it is however compelling to please everyone, and that’s what i’m afraid my replacement would try to do)

Ideally the candidate would have something to show that he and she have created, because if there is anything that i fear more than extinction is the project falling into somebody’s hands who will botch it up 🙂

I’ve disabled comments. If you are interested, please contact me at

Also, code:

hamster 1.03 – bugfix release; affects fresh installs

grab the latest version from the tags page

  •  fix issue #61 – installation was missing initial database for fresh installs
  • desktop notification now once again correctly notifies of “No activity”
  • updated Bulgarian translation

apart from that i decoupled the sqlite backend even further, so say if you would like to create your own time tracking app, you can at least reuse the models. the project is available via pypi here:

it’s being built from the same sources that hamster is, so it’s always fresh

hamster-time-tracker 1.02 out

Just tagged hamster 1.02, which is pretty much the extent of releasing hamster. You can grab a tarball from the tags page

Please note: This release is not backwards compatible with GNOME 2.x (or rather it will work but there is no applet anymore)

The applet is dead, long live shell extension (available on


This release does not add any new features and just tries to cope with the loss of the applet. Also the organisational changes i made (moving away from gnome and into github) were done so to avoid extinction of the project (even if slightly dormant, hamster is not being abandoned).  There are a few bug fixes here and there and some improvements to the command line however.

This is also the first release targetting GNOME v3+. The applet has been removed and recommended hamster remote is the shell extension, available on

  • Project Hamster has detached from Gnome and thus we are resetting the versioning. The program name also has changed from hamster-applet to a more generic hamster-time-tracker
  • Improvements in the command line. hamster-cli has been renamed to simply “hamster” and without parameters launches the day view. Run “hamster –help” to get help on available commands. The executable also supports tab-completion to suggest actions as well as to look up activities and categories
  • desktop notifications are back
  • the notification tray interaction has been slightly improved (click to toggle)
  • ~20 bug fixes

A small step for humanity and a huge leap for hamster.  Happy using and fork us on github!

Release on Dec 20 2012, call to packagers and translators!

On Dec 20 i’ll be shipping a stable(r) version of project hamster. By shipping i mean the github repository will be tagged and there will be a targzipped package in the downloads section.

One big thing that is going to happen, is the renaming of the package. It used to be “hamster-applet” and now it will be “hamster-time-tracker“. This also allows me to abandon the GNOME versioning scheme and we start numbering hamster-time-tracker at 1.2.

Translators – the strings have stabilized and i don’t expect them to change in the next two weeks, so your love will be appreciated a lot by the folks using hamster. To submit a translation, simply fork the hamster project in github, perform changes in your forked repo and then create a pull request.

Packagers – i hope this finally marks hamster packages going away from git-timestamp packages. Future releases will be anounced here as well as in the g+ page

Hamster git users – follow these instructions to clean up previous hamster paths to avoid any confusion.

I’ll be updating release notes shortly, but this version is essentially all about putting hamster back on track after the numerous changes in gnome and the whole ubuntu departure.

Apart from that the command line interface has gotten quite a bit of love. The “hamster-cli” command has been dropped in favor of simply “hamster”. When run without params it will open the today’s view. Run “hamster –help” to find out the params and goodies. It also supports tab-completion.

Check out issues open and closed – for what has been fixed between here and us moving to github and what’s still on the list

Comments are welcome, so are rants, sobs and courses – hit me!


Ah yes, also mad props to all the flatterers for reminding me to keep going!