Hamster applet clicked – showing today

Main applet window has now input box for tags

Standalone mode, pretty much the same thing, is accessible from main menu Applications -> Accessories -> Time Tracker.


Review activities of the day, week, month or interval. Edit and export.
The search box on top right allows to filter down results by name, category, tag and pretty much everything else.

See results in Totals tab. Click on bars to further drill down by tag, activity and category.

Adding earlier activity

Both from the main applet and overview you can add forgotten entries and edit the ones that are there.


Tweak the settings a bit. Although categories nor tags are not needed for reporting, it sure helps in organization and reporting.

Export and report

The HTML report will allow you to prepare data for reporting effortlessly.
Before that it might make sense to filter down the results in overview to just those you need by combining date interval and filtering in the search box.

So what is going on?

After having used a while, the statistics tab might give you an insight in your everyday!

Statistics window