Just tagged hamster 1.02, which is pretty much the extent of releasing hamster. You can grab a tarball from the tags page https://github.com/projecthamster/hamster/tags.

Please note: This release is not backwards compatible with GNOME 2.x (or rather it will work but there is no applet anymore)

The applet is dead, long live shell extension (available on extensions.gnome.org).


This release does not add any new features and just tries to cope with the loss of the applet. Also the organisational changes i made (moving away from gnome and into github) were done so to avoid extinction of the project (even if slightly dormant, hamster is not being abandoned).  There are a few bug fixes here and there and some improvements to the command line however.

This is also the first release targetting GNOME v3+. The applet has been removed and recommended hamster remote is the shell extension, available on extensions.gnome.org.

  • Project Hamster has detached from Gnome and thus we are resetting the versioning. The program name also has changed from hamster-applet to a more generic hamster-time-tracker
  • Improvements in the command line. hamster-cli has been renamed to simply “hamster” and without parameters launches the day view. Run “hamster –help” to get help on available commands. The executable also supports tab-completion to suggest actions as well as to look up activities and categories
  • desktop notifications are back
  • the notification tray interaction has been slightly improved (click to toggle)
  • ~20 bug fixes https://github.com/projecthamster/hamster/issues?state=closed

A small step for humanity and a huge leap for hamster.  Happy using and fork us on github!