Better edit on its way

Wanted to give a quick heads up about the recent events – i’ve resumed hacking on hamster. Poked a few bugs here and there, freshened up the shell extension, which is now in a more usable state (note: latest hamster from sources is required to run it), and think i’ve finally gotten over the whole pain that is that officially we are now as integrated as a notification area. The applet was the very heart of hamster to me, and it will be missed.

But i wanted to share another exciting bit – the edit activity form has always felt uneasy for me as it is tedious for both editing and adding things. Also you can always do just one thing at a time.
So it’s time to ramp up the game.
Here’s an early prototype (meaning that everything *will* change). Right now it’s very plain and supports just viewing, but i think it brings over the idea. I’m envisioning in-place edits. Haven’t figured out the specifics just yet. Don’t get attached to the colors either – picked those at random for now.

Try it out for yourself in hamster experiments:


Quick update: extension moved to github; integration will go in systray

Subject says it all. Had a pretty long discussion (still ongoing), with Allan Day (gnome3) and Patryk Zawadzki (my co-hamsterer), both insisting on “leaving shell alone”. So decided to move the extension [back] to github – i will be certainly working on it more.

The official integration will go through the notification area.

Call for comments

Dear hamster users, what do you think of me moving calendar to the top-right upon hamster startup?


P.S. This is not mockup, heh.

Update: Ok, thanks everyone! I think i now got the general feeling. By default hamster will go into the right side and i’ll think about somehow exposing the ability to swap places with the clock.

Update for gnome-shell users

First of all, mad props go to Jérôme Oufella who started the whole thing and dropped a mail.

In current git master you will find a really rudimentary shell extension. This is how it looks:

There is the current activity and duration and you can stop it and call out the standalone.

To install it simply follow the usual installation steps and then restart the shell by pressing Alt+F2 and then “r” for the command.

It’s work in progress of course.

Oh, and if something breaks you can always remove the extension from /usr/local/gnome-shell/extensions/

Hamster in notification area

For those interested:

No hamster for GNOME 3.0, but one for 3.02 perhaps

As Patryk put it: “as there is currently no migration path for applets, we’ll skip this release entirely and push a 2.34 bugfix release instead”.

I’ve been short in time these last 6 month, busy moving between jobs and countries and trying to understand what’s the current trend of 3.0 is was the last of my concerns. So I say, we better wait a moment until the dust settles, than release a half-assed-last-minute hack.

It’s all python, so the current stand-alone version will run without problems on the 3.0. There is no place for applets yet though, but i’m sure we’ll find a way as soon as i’m running that thing on my desktop.

There are a few bugs out there that could use a hand, so if you are prolific in python and have some time – jump in and write some patches!

Report love (something for freelancers)

Updated the HTML report so it starts making at least some sense. I am interested in feedback from freelancers or anybody who is actually using the HTML report to send it out to anybody else.

In other news, i’m starting to wonder where are we supposed to plug in for the next big releases of unity and gnome shell. There still seems to be no good place for a omni-present indicator which, i believe, hamster deserves. In the shell case i could just go and hack myself in the chrome and swap some bits around. In the unity case – well, have not looked at that yet. Comments welcome!