Hamster code has been moved to https://github.com/projecthamster

The app is under “hamster” (the name might change but i think it’s ok). And you can also see shell-extension there. If you happen to be hosting any of the hamster extensions for other targets, you are more than welcome to transfer the ownership and i’ll get you on the team as well 🙂

Right now it’s just the code, but i plan to move over also bugs and start releasing versions there.

I would like to thank the GNOME foundation for including hamster in gnome 5 years ago. It gave the project unprecedented exposure and the army of translators made sure it is available in all the major languages. A huge thanks for that!

As for the reasoning:

The gnome infrastructure is functioning perfectly fine. Just it doesn’t have the horsepower that is driving github and can’t possibly compete with all the development there. Apart from that, the hope that hamster will become core part of the desktop didn’t come true.

Also i think hamster will benefit from a more relaxed release pace and not having to comply to any of the freezes or dealing with any of the bureaucracy that simply doesn’t apply for a project code of which at the moment of writing 98%  consists of work done by 2 contributors.