Wanted to give a quick heads up about the recent events – i’ve resumed hacking on hamster. Poked a few bugs here and there, freshened up the shell extension, which is now in a more usable state (note: latest hamster from sources is required to run it), and think i’ve finally gotten over the whole pain that is that officially we are now as integrated as a notification area. The applet was the very heart of hamster to me, and it will be missed.

But i wanted to share another exciting bit – the edit activity form has always felt uneasy for me as it is tedious for both editing and adding things. Also you can always do just one thing at a time.
So it’s time to ramp up the game.
Here’s an early prototype (meaning that everything *will* change). Right now it’s very plain and supports just viewing, but i think it brings over the idea. I’m envisioning in-place edits. Haven’t figured out the specifics just yet. Don’t get attached to the colors either – picked those at random for now.

Try it out for yourself in hamster experiments: https://github.com/tbaugis/hamster_experiments/blob/master/hamster_day.py