The point of this post is to make you aware that there are more projects tackling with trophies than just the OMG! trophies and I’m asking to give it a little more time before you think about integrating your app.

Not there yet, obviously – it’s missing bling, polish and refinement. We’ve already asked for trophy icons from the design team and Lapo Calamandrei (the icon machine) stepped up, so that’s in progress.

The gnome-achievements project has a single goal and that is to enable users to discover application features. Fun is a side effect of that.

For example in hamster – it is hard to expose some specific features in the UI – like entering negative minutes to start activity in past, or the fact that you can override the default report. It is documented in help and linked as contextually as possible (in the delta times case you see the help icon in the input box now) – but often one won’t even realize that there is a better way to do things.
And so enter trophies. If you know negative deltas, then after doing it a number of times you will get a trophy. Maybe you will say “hey – what was that about” and go into trophies and stumble upon more interesting ones. Or maybe, if you don’t know negative deltas – you will stumble upon them via some other trophy or by deliberately opening the trophy browser.

We have come up with 67 trophy ideas for hamster so far, out of which 34 seem to be viable right now.

The current progress is that the service is there, there is a rudimentary browser and now i’m working on putting the trophies in hamster. The plan is to gain insight while doing that and write a first draft of guidelines. There are many questions to be answered and the whole system, being so different from video games, has to be rethought. Do ranks make sense on desktop? Should hidden trophies be included in the interface if there is such a large proportion of them. And so on.
After that the plan would be to approach developers of some other project and with them try bring trophies into their app and see what bits are missing.
And after a few more trials then we go public. It shouldn’t take too long – a month or two perhaps.

Apart from coming up with guidelines, which i think are crucial to be relevant, the trophy system itself will try and offload as much of trophy related state-tracking, as possible.

Anyway, it’s not a release yet, and there are things coming and going, so this is not the point where you plugin in yet. There will be a proper announcement when we are there.

Finally, we do plan to get into GNOME eventually. And there is such intent because i firmly believe that this makes sense.

If interested, head on to the wiki to find more details and check out the code.