Update: consolidated the template in single file

I moved the template out to external file for the HTML report in git master.
Check it out here

Template can be overridden from $HOME/.local/share/hamster-applet/
So now it is possible to customize the report if you have been using to generate invoices and such.

Default template using the hosted jQuery UI lib. Interaction elements get hidden when printing.

Apart from human readable format, durations can be represented in minutes or decimal hours, and start and end times have their ISO aliases.
So, i think, with a little bit of HTML and JavaScript, you should be able to turn this into whatever there is you need.

Simple python string.Template substitution is used. And additionally, where nesting is required, an xml-style tag has been introduced.

I did consider grabbing something more proper, like mako, but the implications of having it implemented properly did not weight against the gains.

As you can see in the screenshot, the report could use some (major) love. So if you would like to get your hands a bit dirty and make it better, your effort will be appreciated!