A shameless plug: now you can flattr hamster. If you would like to flattr, but don’t have an account, i have 3 invites (comment with request to get one).

In other news, hamster has been moved from autotools madness, to something more graspable (for me, anyway): waf.
Major benefits on hamster side are:

  • actually understanding what is going on
  • easy cleanup with “waf uninstall”
  • build results do not pollute source folders
  • faster deployment
  • The waf documentation and examples are quite readable, still had to fish around for some code – kupfer to the rescue.

    As a side effect, the dependencies are now as only just as big as what-there-already-is-on-your-box (pygtk, cairo) + gettext and intltools. Also now you can run hamster from sources without installing anything – simple checkout and
    ./src/hamster-applet -w.

    So, if you have a pygtk project of your own, i can only recommend the migration – took about a day for me to familiarize with waf and move over – and as an applet we have lot of things going on – dbus service files, desktop files, bonobo server files, gconf schemas, path modifications in python and whatnot.