I’ve written whole bunch of documentation and even generated a reference for the hamster graphics lib.

More importantly there is now a tutorial to get you started. Would love to hear your opinion on it!

In parallel, i’d like to promote another project of mine – i’ve been reading planet gnome since it appeared (5 years ago? can’t remember).
The planet has gotten whinier and whinier over the time, it has begun to contain political agendas and opinions that I could care less about.
Well, anyway, i thought it would be lovely if somebody would be filtering out the irrelevant [-to-technology], could-care-less, duplicate and meme entries from it. And since i did not find anybody, i started doing it myself.
I would describe my filter level as mild – so far in last 30 days i have moderated out just some 20 blog entries. So, if you are like me, maybe you will be interested. here is the feed – it works via google reader sharing and i’ll never share anything but the planet gnome.
Feel free to troll me to the death now, hahah.