It took a while, but i think now I can say that part two of implementing tags has been finished. It might well be that we will stop here for the next release, unless somebody from the usability crowd steps up and gives me a hand into figuring how to implement batch edit with a light hand.

Sometimes, most of the time, actually, implementing a feature is not just adding a button and creating another storage object, as some of us may see it. It is much more like introducing a new device in your home. If it’s something as small as a mixer, then not only the presence of the object is what changes, but it also might influence your eating habits. If it is something bigger, say, a couch – then that could mean repainting the walls and changing everything else to find your home again.

Well, anyway, we have some news on the functional side that the hamster in you might like.


Right there, on the top right side of the screen shot there is a small input field. It allows you to search per name, category, description and tags. A comma works as logical “or” and a space as logical “and”. So if you search for “red bananas, apples” then hamster will see it as you looking for something that is red and a banana, or, alternatively, something that is apples. It also does two word searches, so, in the previous example it would also try to find “red bananas”. Two words is as far as it goes yet though. Feel free to extend and send in a patch!

Interactive Graphs

Once you have found what you want to see, “Totals” tab will give you the totals. Clicking on a bar will allow you to interactively drill down.

Overview screen revamp

I will sure miss the stacked bar chart in 2.28, but it had to go. It has been partially replaced by the graph in the top of both screens that tries it’s best to adopt to the displayable range, switching level of detail from hour to day, to week and month.
The other part of it went into the “Totals” tab. Oh yes, the tabs have moved as well. The statistics can now be accessed from under the totals. I think they make the most sense there.

What you see is what you print

Another functional joy – if you remember the somewhat hacked-in “save report” screen with the date range and category checkboxes – now it has gone. Because you can search and choose dates right in the overview, and you will print exactly what you have filtered out.