I want you to update on what’s going on in hamster’s master git!
In short, tags start to appear, there is keyboard frendlier autocomplete window, raising dependency of gtk+ to 2.16 to make life easier for translators and, errm, other stuff.

But the tags are the big bit, and i will talk about them. Here’s the main dropdown for you:

Main window featuring tags input field with active drop-down showing matching tags. Tags can be up to two words long and separated by comma.

When I started to look on tags, I did my best to look around and see how others have solved it. In my search I found Freckle. I encourage you to check it out – it’s a web based time tracking solution. Although it is not for free – for some it might even be a better fit than Hamster.

Checking screenshots and the tutorial some might notice that hamster’s auto-complete looks quite similar.
I’ve indeed replicated part of the behaviour and the general idea of a flowing tag list instead of a vertically arranged one. Although there are at least thirty three ways to tie your shoes, i don’t think there is a valid reason to deny something that is working just to be special. The replicated behaviour bit is how they distinguish between a description and a tag. A description is anything that is longer than three words or starts with an exclamation mark. Quite simple and makes perfect sense. Anyway, that’s about where the similarity ends.

Update: We dropped the description-is-anything-longer-than-two-words. Description now again goes into the main input field and tag field is just for tags.

Current status is that you can add and edit tags in activities and you can adjust which ones will appear in auto-complete via preferences.

There is lot that could be done. But for starters it would be nice to get them in the overview and reports, and then think about filtering, searching and a tag view.

If any of frecklers are reading this – hope you don’t see hamster as a threat, I wish you guys luck and keep rocking!

In other news – if you are looking where to exercise your Python skills, i can strongly suggest getting in contact with Og Maciel and help him with BillReminder. A fantastic person and certainly fun to code with!
Of course, you could also contribute to Hamster, you busy busy busy person.