So the 2.28 is out. Seeing people viewing the site somewhat more actively these days, just wanted to give out shout, to find what you think of the new stable and what’s missing for you in this business.

Right now I’m conveying my coding spree to other, non-Gnome related areas, but knowing myself, some time soon I will be back for hamster.

I personally think that tool tips in overview would be nice, and some richer interactivity with graphs would be nice (like clicking in graph to zoom in or something).ย  Also I plan to add end times for tasks, so you don’t have to do math trying to answer question “if i started at 1:19pm and spent 1h27 minutes on the task, when did i finish?”. And observing my own time tracking habits, will add a quick syntax to mark task as started from the end of the last one. That is – if you suddenly realized that since you stopped tracking the last task, all that time you have been doing something else, you will use zero delta, or simply “- other task”.

But those are really small details.

Oh, then there is the “Shh” thing (sssshhhelll). I hope it won’t loose it’s “s” during development. The hype around this redefining product waves me red flags. But I bet everything gonna be all right at the end. I’m just so damn fond of Metacity and how good it works. But back to topic – will see in what hole they decide to poke applets in. Can’t wait, really!

I’m somewhat concerned that the release notes do not mention Hamster, and use the translatable “Time Tracker” instead. Since distributions like Ubuntu don’t include hamster by default (but it is in the repository), I wonder how many will wonder what’s that Time Tracker thing release notes are talking about.

But then again – hey – who needs more users when we have You! And you have been quite kind to us ๐Ÿ™‚