After two days of slow hacking, i present you the fruit of my work – the first iteration on statistics.


There are plenty of things to be added and polished here, but i think this is a nice little good start.

If you have nifty ideas for factoids (on the right), you are welcome to share. For now I tried to discern early birds (20% of days start between 6am and 9am) / owls (20% of days start  between 11pm and 5am or something) and busy bees (20% of tasks are shorter than 15 minutes). I’m in none of the groups so you don’t see that in screen shot.

The chart thing on top should be redone properly with year and month tickers and better labels.

The “starts and ends” bits maybe should use statistical median or mode instead of simple averages.

Hmm, but all in all I’m satisfied.

Now, give it a go and give me some feedback  – tomorrow is the day of 2.27.3 tarballs!