Hamster has become a tiny bit friendlier now in git master, by having better DBUS backend and a rudimentary XML, TSV(Tab Separated Values)  and iCal export. The latter can be accessed via the save button in overview window.

DBUS interface, courtesy of John Carr and J. Félix Ontañón has following methods and signals that might be of interest:


  • GetCurrentFact()
  • GetFactById(fact_id)
  • GetActivities()
  • GetCategories()
  • AddFact(activity, start_time, end_time)
  • AddActivity(activity, category)
  • AddCategory(category)
  • StopTracking()
  • RemoveFact(fact_id)
  • RemoveActivity(activity, category)
  • RemoveCategory(category)

And signals:

  • FactUpdated(fact_id)
  • TrackingStopped()

DBUS API is also introspectible via d-feet and friends.

There is a hope now for a Gnome-Do plugin. Let’s hope it sees the daylight soon!

So humm, yes, those graphs in HTML report would be nice, and that analyze thing i was talking about before would be nice too, and stand alone window would be nice. But i’m kind of all “hey, summer!” and such, so let’s see how much of it we will cook until 2.28. It still will be a huge release compared to the previous one.

Ah, btw, i’ve put in support in syntax to add earlier activities on the fly. Here is a screenshot:


You can enter a negative number which will be treated as delta minutes (like in this case: 20 minutes ago, look in the clock). Or you can enter proper time, and even end time, for example”14:30-15:55″. Hamster will adjust the drop-down to show that it has understood your input. No fancy AM/PMs please. Patches for better parsing are always welcome.

Oh and one last thing, really, that has changed my whole desktop experience:

Install the Droid font from your distro’s repository (yes, it’s open source) and change default font in Appearance Preferences to Droid Sans 11 (except for the fixed width one). It is lifechanging!