In Project Hamster a little while ago we added ability to add description to activity on the fly, by typing it in after comma.

So, for example, if you would like to start doing handstands but with no hands this time, you maybe would type in:

“handstands, no hands this time!”


Figure 1. – You can add description to your activity after comma

Hamster will look on the magic comma (nothing magic about it) and figure, that everything that is after the comma, is a description. Descriptions appear in UI and in the HTML, errm, report thing. I think comma is good, because you could use it in a sentence “My friend is nice, a little stupid though” and mumble the last part and get happily away with it. This is exactly how the descriptions work here.

The approach “of the flying comma” is not quite discoverable by itself (unless you feel like experimenting, and most people really don’t, and we should not encourage them to break their data anyway), so my question is – how do we tell him/her about this terrific feature?

First i tried to put some text under the input box itself. But it didn’t look too good and was begging for way too much attention.

Then i thought – how about i put it, where somebody might be looking for it – under the description field in Edit Activity dialog:


Figure 2. – There is a Hint ‘on the dance floor’

What do you think? Maybe alternative wording? Maybe not bold? Maybe gray and proper size? Would it be enough? Any other ways? What do i, oooooh, do?!

Oh, and yes, happy egg hunts, egg squashing, egg fights or whatever you do with your eggs.

Update: This is how it looks now (Apr 14)


So, basically, if there is no current activity, a hint what to do is displayed under the textbox, and a “Tell me more” link leads to following alert.

What do you think?