Ah, allmost forgot to roll tarball – we are getting so close to 2.26, yay! As for me, i’m waiting for ext4 support in all the next big distros. Anyway, back to topic.

So you see, i’ll be spending ridiculous amounts of my time, reinventing all kinds of wheels. And all that thanks to two terrific books. First one is Programming Collective Intelligence by Toby Segaran and the other one is Visualizing Data by Ben Fry. Both will let you start low and cover all kinds of little things and, if you are like me, leave you flying high in the air, thinking happy thoughts.

I knew some of both, but the little details – like always finding out minimal and maximal values of the dataset you are operating on, or the greatness of working in HLS (Hue Lightness Saturation) spectrum as opposed to RGB (Red Green Blue) – these little things make a difference (btw check out Python’s colorsys module to get funcs that do conversions).

Anyway, i feel like i’m done with Edit Activity dialog for a while – yes, i know, there are bits missing in the preview. But i think that currently we are in balance between “want” and “need”.ย  And so, i’m moving on to overview window – how to make it more engaging and still simple to operate with.

So i was thinking how to change the interval i am currently viewing and came up with another mockup (if you count in previous one).

Behold, the blanket pulling approach:

Overview with white i call "harmonica drag"

Dotted line marks approximate middle of the graph

Imagine, that you are pulling from left side to center – that kind of does feel, like “give me more of the stuff you have on the left side” doesn’t it? So instead of scrolling it would pull addittional days from past. But when you pull it away from centre – it feels like wanting to get rid of it, and it would move them out.

The feeling should be something like what you get when you scale pictures in GIMP.

What do you think about this?