GNOME 2.26 is almost out of the door, and my coding spree returned something like week before string freeze.

So… i’m thinking pastels!

First let’s check out what is new in 2.26 and then we will jump 6 month ahead and talk a little about 2.28.


2.26 is the “under the hood” type of version, with almost no visual changes but some behavioral ones.

  • “The non-discoverable hacky obscure UI” – well, thanks Havoc for honesty, hahaha. So we have some magic in hamster – now you can add descriptions to activities, and create categories on the fly. Syntax is quite simple: you type in something like “activity@category, some description”. Category and description are optional. Let’s give you an example: “coding@hamster” will start activity “coding” in category “hamster”. But typing “hamster, writing something in blog” will start activity hamster and add description “writing something in blog”. I think it’s not too bad. Descriptions show up in the interface and reports, and it is possible to edit them
  • Categories – now they appear in drop down menu, so you don’t have to guess which category that “coding” entry belongs to. I’d suggest to keep numbers of categories low though.
  • HTML Report – it has been touched, check it out. Oh, there are some totals in it, yay!
  • Bugs and bugfixes – don’t know which one was your favorite bug, but we fixed couple of things. Most notably i hope we’ve solved Python 2.6 and UTF8 trouble



Some things are already in trunk. Like better graphs (can check them out in motion here). Now i’m looking on the “edit activity” window – the dates are all hacky. Thinking (and have already partially implemented)Β  about something like what google calendar does. Also, we will work some more on the non-discoverable hacky obscure UI, so you would be able to specify also the start time in UI. We’ve been talking about generating PDF reports instead of HTML ones. That would allow to put in those “nice graphics” and other stuff.

This would be the right time to throw in your ideas – give your voice, let us know what is that you want. Just keep it simple, please πŸ™‚