So the translation support has been brought in now and surprisingly first translation is in some language not used by many – Latvian!

Translation to your own language should take not more than some ten minutes, because currently there are only 36 strings to translate!

I’m quite new to all this localization stuff, but here is how you could contribute with translation to your language in case you’ve never done that:

  1. Update hamster: svn up
  2. Change to /po folder and generate template file there: cd po &&  intltool-update -p -g hamster-applet
  3. Rename the newly created hamster-applet.pot to <your locale>.po and do the translation
  4. Whenever you want to check the result, just run “sudo make install” and then add/remove hamster from panel.

Changes will be visible if you have set your language as the default one.

Tip: while translating, adding/removing hamster from panel could be quite a drag. Instead you can open projecthamster/hamster folder in terminal and run

 ./ -w

The -w switch tells hamster to run in a stand-alone window – so somewhere on the screen a tiny hamster window should appear. Just don’t forget to remove the applet from panel – there can be only one hamster.

You can kill the app by hitting Ctrl+c in the terminal.

Whenever done, please file a ticket in Hamster’s issue list and attach the translated .po file to it.  I’ll add the translation as soon as i get the message!