So, the initial graphing stuff is now in, and i thought a news update would be in order.

First and foremost, Hamster is now happily featuring graphs:

Graphs - everybody loves ‘em!

This is how the overview looks now

Matplotlib was an overkill for poor hamster, and didn’t had the graphic appeal he was looking for. Luckily, Cairo saved the day.

Next bit, maybe not so new to some, is the initial categorizing functionality, which right now looks something like this:


Right click on applet -> Edit Activities

Idea behind categories is to expand a little on the work / not work topic and have something that possibly could be used for exporting purposes in future.

Next, together with the new type-ahead style fact updates, Hamster lost the add custom fact window for a while, which is now brought back to life with some extra bits added


And last but not least, if there are no records for today, hamster will tell you that. A small knit, i know 🙂

No facts today!

Ok, now off you go and update your hamster – i will love to know what you think about graphs, and maybe this would be the perfect time for feature requests.

Also, don’t forget – if the hamster is misbehaving – there is always the “issues” list!

Lastly, shout for artists – if there are any around (wink, wink) – me and hamster, we’d love to get some icon love! 🙂