Long time no talk, eh?

Few things have changed in project hamster, so let’s update screenshots!

Applet window

With help of Patrick Zawadski, hamster has gotten a facelift – the menu has been dropped in favor to auto-complete list, and looks have been updated to look more like the clock applet.

Some changes have happened also to the underlying mechanism – see, previously facts had only start times, and duration was determined by next task. But now the end time is also stored in database. This makes possible to stop a task and simplifies calculation of totals.

The rest is pretty much in place, only adding post-factum form has been removed for now since it is broken.

Hamster is in great need of  developers – the “issues list”:http://code.google.com/p/projecthamster/issues/list starts to pile up, and there are many directions where hamster could go. But at the moment i lack both time and knowledge to make it move, so if you fancy to get into an open source project with a lovely name – why not help hamster?! 🙂