I was thinking about the problem with forgetting to change activities in Hamster all the time.

On one hand, the hamster is just a minor application and shouldn’t bother user. On another – if the user wants to actually track his time, some reminder would be nice.

As of now the hamster changes it’s label whenever you change activity. I think we could rely on human hunter instinct (the increased sensuality for movement in the periphery of vision) and add time spent in hours to the label that would get updated every six minutes (0.1h) – thus the user would be kind of reminded time after time. Maybe it will become annoying after a while, but we should dog food it and then judge.

Current activity with time spent

Mockup with hours added

Still, if user has come to the situation when it has forgotten to change activity, i think the drop-down menu overhaul would help a lot – user would see all the activity log for today in single klick. Maybe it should be simplified though.